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Adjunct Grains

English Oat Malt

In stock by the pound. Special order 50 lb bag.

Malted oats, yes, you heard correctly. These aren’t flaked, these are whole oats.
Adds texture and flavor to any dark English style.
Use up to 25% (or more if you are really into oats). 
Avg. Lovibond: 4
 Origin: UK


Flaked Oats

In stock in 1 lb bags.

Gives a slightly nutty flavor to beer. Very sticky when mashing, and often leads to a stuck runoff and hazy beer if used in excess. Popular in stouts and other darker beers. 1 to 3 percent of grist improves head on any beer without risk of haze or stuck mashes. Flaked Oats sold in a one pound bag.


Flaked Wheat

In stock by the pound. Special order 50 lb bags.

For making Witbiers and other specialties. Helps with head retention in all beers. Will leave a slight haze. Can also be used in place of unmalted wheat in many recipes.


Flaked Rice

In stock by the pound.

Flaked Rice lightens body, color and flavor. Provides a light, crisp finish. Used in light American ales and lagers.



Flaked Corn

In stock by the pound. Special order 25 lb bags.

Flaked Corn (Maize) lightens color and body but maintains alcohol content. Use in small quantities to add depth of character to lighter ales and lagers.


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