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Park Avenue Mercantile
formerly located at

312 Park Avenue
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: +1 208 529-2731


Facebook: EagleRockBrewClub

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Brewing Equipment and Kits

We are proud to offer all the equipment you need to begin brewing, both in kits and individual pieces. Listed below is a small sample of our equipment stock.

  • Fermenter buckets and carboys, in several sizes,
  • Bungs, stoppers, and airlocks,
  • Siphons and food-grade tubing,
  • Racking canes and wine thiefs,
  • Mixing paddles and spoons,
  • Mash tun conversion kits and false bottoms,
  • Brew kettles, Bayou Classic burners, and more.

This is just a small sample of the brewing equipment we carry. Let us help you find the perfect setup for your brewing.

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