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Store Location

Park Avenue Mercantile
312 Park Avenue
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: +1 208 529-2731
Fax: 208-529-2731

E-mail: parkavenuemercantile@

Store Hours

Mon - Wed Appointments only Text 208-705-7224 or 208-390-8838 calls are OK just easier to miss.


Thursday - Friday 10 am - 7 pm

Sat 10 am - 4 pm


Mercantile News

We have made a significant change to store hours.  The store is now open Thursday through Saturday for regular hours and Sunday through Wednesday by appointment.  Please text for an appointment.


Brewing Classes are open for registration! All current classes are listed on the front page.

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Brewing Yeast

We stock the best selection of liquid and dry brewers yeast in south east Idaho and western Wyoming. The brands we carry include:

  • Wyeast,
  • Safale and Saflager,
  • the complete line of Mangrove Jacks,
  • Coopers from Australia,
  • Llamand from France,
  • Red Star wine yeast.

Direct Pitch Activator™

100 Billion Yeast Cells - The Direct Pitch ACTIVATOR™ contains 100% Pure Liquid Yeast plus an internal nutrient packet. This Wyeast Smack-pack™ system allows yeast metabolism to begin prior to inoculation as well as providing proof of yeast health. Our ACTIVATOR™ is designed to inoculate 5 gallons of wort with the same pitch rate recommended by professional brewers. We reorder every three weeks and will gladly add your special request to our order. Typically we stock more than thirty varieties of yeast but it is hard to keep fresh specialty yeasts on hand.

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