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 A great way to start is to make your own kefir or yogurt. Set up your own equipment or purchase the YogaTherm System.


Soft farm cheeses like chevre, fromage blanc, and fromagina are easy and only need a few days til their ready to eat, add some herbs from your garden to personalize the recipe and make it unique to your home. Mozzarella is another great cheese to start with.

Rennet tablets in ten packs that are perfect for storage in your pantry. Thermophillic and mesophillic culturesare used acidify your hard cheeses. Sharp and mild goat lipase for flavor enhancement and liquid rennet in either animal or organic vegetable.


Another hard to find item is real cheesecloth. Cheese cloth and butter muslin are used for draining your cheese or yogurt.

For aging your cheese use mold and bacteria cultures as well as red, black and yellow cheese wax. If you need to build a cheese cave, its best to use a  programmable digital or analog controller.



To help you navigate your way through cheese making, check out cheese making books and instructional materials.

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