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Distillation Ingredients


We are Proud to Carry Briess grain Products


Experience the tradition of craft distilling authentic American whiskey with handcrafted American ingredients from Briess.


Since 1901, the art of handcrafting grain into malt has been carried on in the Briess malthouse in the heart of America. Today from our expanded manufacturing campus comes a wide portfolio of specialty ingredients for beverages and food, including a new product line assembled specifically for American craft distilling so you can distill whiskey that's true to your American heritage.

Distillers malts that we keep in stock sold by the pound or bag

  • Oat Malt
  • 6 Row Brewers Malt (Best Value Purchased in 50LB Bags)
  • Rye Malt (Best Value in 10lb Bags)
  • 10 additional 2 row base barleys from around the world


Pregelatinized flaked Grains Sold by the pound or bag

  • Gelatanized Flaked Corn (Best Value in 50lb Bags)
  • Flaked Wheat
  • Flaked Oats


Malt Extracts Liquid Malt Extract sold in 3.3 and 7 lb jars.  Dry malt sold in 1 and 3lb bags

  •  CBW® Pilsen Light LME and DME
  • CBW® Golden Light LME and DME
  • CBW® Sparkling Amber LME and DME
  • CBW® Dark LME and DME
  • CBW® Wheat LME and DME
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